At Hawthorn Landscape we have a large range of lawn suited for all domestic and commercial needs. 

We supply the following varieties. 

Synthetic Lawn 

Premium Quality , Australian made synthetic lawn, Soft, lush natural look and feel, pet and family friendly.

Santa-Ana Couch

A very fine leafed couch noted for its attractive appearace, colour, retention in the South Australian climate. Santa-Ana is considered a low maintenance grass, and hard wearing in nature. This grass can be cut extremely short and can be used as a home golf green.

Valley Green Kikuyu

Valley Green Kikuyu is a better option for Adelaide's climate than traditional Kikuyu. It is male sterile, darker in colour and will stay greener through winter. Kikuyu has a good drought tolerance and will rapidly self repair from wear. A low maintenance grass that will stay green with minimal irrigation and fertility.

Conquest Couch 

A hard wearing couch lawn with exceptional colour, Conquest is a very drought tolerant, low maintenance turf and will stay green with minimal watering during summer.